Martin & Inge Riebeek

The artwork consists of a large led-filmscreen mounted onto a mast, a camera on rails, lights embedded into the pavement and a messagedisplay on a wall. These elements are connected together as soon as someone stands on the big spot in the middle of the square: the camera shoots a close-up, then elevates up along the rails and takes the entire square into the shot.
The life on the square and the colors, images and texts on the led screens influence one another.
Any time anyone enters the interactive light circle, other texts and colors appear.
Anyone who stands on the spot becomes the focal point of a greater whole.


i.c.w. Architects Atelier Pro
Commissioned by: Municipality of Tilburg
Principals: Gerdi Beks, Atty Bax
Achieved by: Hecla Professional, Egripment and Kitt


Sketch of the square with two ledscreens, tv-transmitter with moving camera, spots.

i.c.w. Architectenbureau Atelier Pro

© concept 2004, realization 2010