Martin & Inge Riebeek


'Between You & Me'

On the occasion of the granting of the Prins Bernard Beeldende Kunstprijs Noord-Brabant 2010, Martin and Inge Riebeek published a book on their work over the past ten years.
Therefor Bart Rutten has written a text about their video works from this period.
Sandra Spijkerman has written a text about their works in public space. The book was presented at the Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch September 22, 2010. At the same time their exhibition was opened.

ISBN 978-90-78411-08-6

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Text Bart Rutten (in Dutch)

Text Sandra Spijkerman (in Dutch)


pages 42-43

pages 88-89

pages 176-177

pages 186-187