Martin & Inge Riebeek


What does home mean to you?
Everyone has a different association when they hear the word "home".
For some, home is the house they grew up in; for others, it's the place where their beloved waits for them. 
"Home" always carries a lot of emotion. It offers security and permanence in turbulent times.

Commissioned by: Stichting Bronzen Beverfonds.
I.c.w. Frederik Duerinck


Matten MacDonna, Manchester, Engeland

'I truly form my heart believe that I am better off.'

Mahammed Isa Salam, Gaza, Israel

'I'll work this land till the day I die.'


Matt Tucker, Tuba City, Arizona

'If I'd go anywhere else in the world, it would never feel like this.'

Wendy Allen, Las Vegas
'I did not think about the future, until it hit me.'

Video installation at Zorgcentrum Koningsvoorde, Tilburg