Martin Riebeek & Inge van 't Klooster

'Fortune Teller'

In the entrance hall of the nursing home, we placed a display case containing a statue of a fortune teller. Visitors observing the woman are unwittingly filmed. The recording is subsequently projected onto a screen together with a caption such as e.g. ‘Thresholds are safe but, unfortunately, one cannot stand on them forever’. These captions are added to the image by a computer that randomly selects them from a stock of one thousand.
Location: nursing-home Het Houtens Erf, Houten
Assignment by SKOR

Waxen sculpture in a show-window of stainless steel with priva-lite glass,
camera with servocontrol is filming the visitor,
the visitor will appear on the plasmascreen in slow-motion with one of a thousand oracles.

'Doorsteps are safe, but unfortunately you cannot stand on them forever.'

Photos: Peter Cox

Riebeek browsed through thousands of novels and consistently chose the first line on the hundredth page. He subsequently selected the lines according to their prophetic qualities. An added quality of the work is that the family and friends of the nursing home’s residents will, thanks to the short film, stay on the premises a bit longer.