Martin en Inge Riebeek

Imagine Being There International

The project is about the yearning to be somewhere else all the time…the continuing quest…
the searching for the other…for peace…for the ultimate paradise.

For this project we asked people who were passing by to tell us about their paradise.
We made video portraits in New York, Shanghai, Cairo, Nairobi and Rio de Janeiro.


Peng Zhenhua
'I want to go back to my birthplace to become a pig farmer.'

He Lili
'My paradise is a constantly changing world around me.'

Gao Mingbo
'I want to modernise traditional Chinese opera.'


Queila Mara dos Santos
'The birth of my baby was an unforgettable event.'

Afonso Henrique Salgado Chrispim
'Life is an adventure in which we can take part.'

Elizabeth Da Silva
'People do not love each other anymore. There is too much violence'

Carlos Alberto Santos

'I want to find her, Maria da Penha.'


Anne Wamboi
'I've always missed my brothers in my lonely life.'

Edmund Malitt
'I heard gunshots and I heard my brother crying.'

Dominic Ochieng
'For them I was a little too small to play professional football in America.'



Gamal Awian
'To help them recover the fame we used to live in.'

Neglee Mahmud
'So I hope and pray to Allah to send me a good husband.'

Rasha Yossef
'I thank God for sending me my true love.'

Foad Mohamed Ibrahim
'When my first son was born, I didn't want to go to work in Saudi Arabia anymore.'


David Castellano
'To create a world that will accept one music as one.'

Baba Israel
'It's not writing down, it's improvisation, it's words forgotten.'

Sheryl Huggins
'Getting away from all the noise and running, as hard and as fast as I can.'

Pretty Low
'Don't forget the money!'