Martin & Inge Riebeek


The entrance of the King

The film is based on the first community art project in the Netherlands, by Stien Eelsingh: a mural, painted by preschoolers, of a parade with a king and a queen riding in a carriage, a hare, a dog, a horse and a girl. In the movie, the girl dreams of leaving for the big city to expand her horizons and meet her dream prince.
Interviews with residents revealed that very few people leave the neighborhood and that the solidarity there is great, as is the number of dogs. Children can no longer play in the street and the neighborhood is home to some special species of bird. The neighborhood residents are actors in the film.

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Sunny Bear - 'The things we lost'


- de burgemeester (dhr. J.C. Westmaas)
- een koning en koningin (Mustapha el Barbari en Lydia Los Santos)
- paard met koets (koetsier: dhr. Oostveen)
- prinsessen te paard (Femmalien Bakker, Rosa van Veen)
- kinderen met vogelmaskers (O.B.S. de Woldstroom en Lisa)
- twee ridders en een jonkvrouwe (o.l.v. Andor Smeele)
- twee verklede kinderen als vogel en haas (Monique en Renee)
- muziekvereniging (Noordenveld)
- artiesten van kindercircus Okidoki (o.l.v. Marie Tichelman)

- danseressen (Scala) 
- Hip Hop dansers (Go For It, J. Kromodipo)
- vrouw met papegaaien (Diana Popken)
- vaandeldrager

- vuurspuwer (Vincent van Leth)
sterke man (Fred de Groot, Jos Dunnink)
- clown met koffer jongleert (Remi)
- meisje met ballon (Ramona, circus Okidoki)
- zwartgeklede hondenbezitters met honden

- Martin Riebeek
- Inge Riebeek

- Martin Riebeek
- Frederik Duerinck

- Jeroen Janssen
- Bas de Leijer
- Martin & Inge Riebeek


Film Scenes

Scène 1: 'I go away and when I come back, everything will be changed.'

Scène 2: Training in black - 'A dog’s tail is the gauge of his thoughts.

Scène 3: 'Old memories, to remember your pretty red lips.'

Scène 3: 'The day hiphop died.'

Scène 4: Castles in the air and knights fighting for a lady

Scène 5: Stork, spoonbil, ibis - 'Juggler Remi, an organ-grinder, and dancing children wearing bird masks.'

Scène 6: 'Don’t you agree that the stream has the voice of a king, and the voice of a warrior, of a night-time bird, of a woman in distress, of someone who sighs and thousands of other voices?'

Scène 7: ‘Fine, chilly gitty on da grind, plentys in me, any guinea’s wit em bigger than a mini and remind im..’ 
(Lil’ Wayne)

Scène 8: 'Every one of us has a star he has to follow'
photos Maarten van Druten: 2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12

mural Stien Eelsingh