Martin Riebeek

Non Speaking Terms

I asked people in the street if they could tell something to their loved ones into the camera. For this project I filmed more than 600 portraits of which I selected 120. Standing at a distance you will not be able to hear what the portrait has to say to you. When you approach the screen, he or she begins to speak. Meanwhile you yourself are being filmed and portrayed onto the right screen, with a sentence as subtitle.
Assignment by Rabobank Nederland
Principal: Esther Wagemans

Location: Rabobank Utrecht, Rabobank Ouddorp.
photo: Peter Cox

‘An encounter, a moment, so beautiful, so dear to you, it touches your heart. Unfortunately, you will never meet this person again.’


'I can sense that you’ve changed, your world has become tougher.'
  'We just happen to be on the side of the forest that gets cut down.'

'Have you ever eaten a sandwich while you were crying?'

  'You are so hard to reach, so incredibly far away.'

'It’s for your own good, so make this decision.'

  'I think I’m doing well, but maybe I should say it one more time.'

'I love you.'

  'I have so much love to give, I just don’t know who to give it to.'