Martin & Inge Riebeek

Romance, Money & Motorbikes

What are you going to choose in life?
Passion and ideals... 
A career, material comforts…
Adventure, new horizons...
Students at Bernrode Middle School answer the personal question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Film clips matching their stories were then added to the documentary portraits. Greatly magnified cuts from the films are shown on a wide LED screen in the commons area. The screen forms a rhythmic grid and becomes part of the architecture. The colored segments evoke associations with ancient Greek and Roman mosaics in a modern multimedia format.


Location: Bernrode Grammar School, Heeswijk-Dinther
Commissioned by: Municipality of Heeswijk-Dinther
Principal: bkkc, Bas Veldhuizen
I.c.w. architectenbureau Teeuwisse en Willems

An ode to his deceased father by a boy. On the lcd screen he is seen standing by the monument which houses his father’s portrait.
On the led wall a portrait of a crying woman alternated by words from a very personal poem.

When you step in front of the lcd screen, a Grammar School student says she wants to play the violin in Italy, where her father lives. As a street musician. Alternately, the girl, performing in a show, and a street musician in Rome are shown.


Architects Teeuwisse en Willems

Recording Studio

© concept 2007, realization 2008