Martin & Inge Riebeek

Stories By Heart

Residents of Heerhugowaard read a passage from their favorite novel, a passage from a novel that means a lot to them. We made films to go with each of these texts. The result is a documentary portrait of the residents of Heerhugowaard.
The video installation was placed in the entryway of the new city hall, near the wedding ceremony room. We put a call out to Heerhugowaard brides and grooms, asking them to show up at the new city hall square in their wedding finery. We had a camera crew there to film the bridal couples who showed up and these film fragments recur frequently in the Stories by Heart films.

Commissioned by: Municipality of Heerhugowaard
Principal: Magriet Luyten
Location: City Hall of Heerhugowaard

videoinstallation at the entrance of Heerhugowaard's new city hall

Together with the delivery of the new City Hall of Heerhugowaard, the videoartwork is realised at the entrance of the building.

New city hall of Heerhugowaard

Hans van Heeswijk architects

photo: Margriet Luyten

bride and groom's day, September 10th 2006

photo: Noordhollands Dagblad





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