Martin Riebeek

'The missing painting'

My grandma, grandma Maas, lived on Harmenjansweg 27 in Haarlem. In the living room, she used to have a beautiful painting of a maid with a feather duster under her arm, who takes a glance at a book in her master’s bookcase. The light shone on her face.
This painting caused me to start painting.
In 1996 this painting was stolen, and shortly thereafter my grandma died.
I can’t get the painting out of my head. I am looking for people who can inform me about this painting.
Exposition: GRIP. From 31 Oct. to 17 Nov. 2002 a replica of this painting was to be seen in Vide Central in Haarlem, alongside a movie about this painting, by which I wanted to focus attention on this case.

If you have any information concerning this painting, please call (0031)76-5200990

Old footage of the original painting and the painting as duplicated by me from memory.


installation in Vide Centraal